Zen by LegalStart: An anti-scam shield for entrepreneurs

Created almost ten years ago with the aim of simplifying and digitizing the legal formalities of French entrepreneurs, LegalStart now has over 350,000 customers and continues to develop its functionality to offer 360 offers to business creators. Although it already allows entrepreneurs to self-manage all their legal needs: forming a business, registering a trademark, drafting an employment contract or even collecting an unpaid invoice, today it has gone even further and announced the launch of Zen.

Like an “antivirus”, this new solution ensures the legitimacy of the steps taken by entrepreneurs and thus protects them from falling prey to fraudulent attempts. Indeed, although starting a business is an exciting adventure, it also makes entrepreneurs fall prey to an increasing number of scams. In addition, Zen helps entrepreneurs with their day-to-day administrative processes, with several features (calendar, automatic generation of documents, completion of mandatory processes, etc.).

Zen, security for budding entrepreneurs

Scams are common in France, affecting many citizens on a daily basis. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are no exception, and they have to face various scam attempts right from the start of their business. If they are novices, they can be easily tricked. Among the most widespread scams, we can cite scams related to the registration of a company, the demand for dues by impersonating an official body, and the fraudulent offer of trademark registration services, certificates or professional licenses. To protect entrepreneurs from these risks, LegalStart has launched Zen.

Designed by lawyers with experience accumulated by LegalStart since 2014, Zen provides a comprehensive and personalized list of administrative procedures to be performed to comply with administration requirements. Each step is explained in detail, allowing entrepreneurs to verify the validity of the demands they face. Thanks to Zen, they can differentiate between legitimate requests from official organizations and those that are attempted scams.

a daily co-pilot

In addition to acting as an “antivirus” for entrepreneurs, Zen also assists business creators with their administrative and legal tasks during the first 12 months of their company.

Daily assistance, which includes:

  • a calendar and personalized notifications to meet administrative deadlines and avoid sanctions;
  • automatic generation of legal documents, such as executive non-remuneration minutes, VAT declarations and general meeting minutes;
  • Carrying out mandatory procedures such as mandatory register keeping or annual approval of accounts;
  • Backed by a team of lawyers to answer all the queries of the entrepreneurs and accompany them step by step.

All these tools aim to reduce the mental load of entrepreneurs to a great extent and let them flourish in their core tasks and core business.

Zen is available in the first year of creation on all entrepreneurs’ LegalStart personal space at a cost of €349/year, or approximately €29/month, with a 30-day trial period before deduction.

In addition to ensuring the prevention of scams, ZEN allows each entrepreneur to manage their obligations effectively, thus avoiding reminders, penalties and ultimately sanctions from the administration.

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