Top Tips for Learning Java Programming

If you are here for our top tips, then undoubtedly you have moved on with the “how to learn Java” part and started your day of learning Java. In this article, you will learn about some basic questions along with advice about dos and don’ts that will help you orient yourself better.

Do you follow an apprenticeship program?

Setting your goals and creating a learning strategy is more important than you might think. Your ambition, execution of your plan and your dedication can give wings to your career. If you absolutely want to become a full-time Java developer, it stands to reason that you will need a program that will serve as your roadmap.

Do you know the basics?

Mastering the fundamentals doesn’t mean memorizing syntax without being able to do anything with it. It really means that you are comfortable with keywords, know the language’s protocol, and use some variables and loops sensibly. You must know how to choose a data structure based on a certain problem. You also need to be able to implement Object Oriented Programming (OOP), because Java is a language that works that way. It will also be necessary to understand the principle of encapsulation and know how to handle it.

With all this material available for free on the web, beginners will be tempted to follow programs that promise quick learning. However, you must understand that you cannot build a durable building on a weak foundation. That’s why we recommend that you take as much time as you need so that you really understand all the basic concepts.

Do you program everyday?

This habit will largely decide your Desire to achieve the ambitions of your apprenticeship program. There are many wonderful books you can buy to learn Java. Books have always been one of the best ways to preserve knowledge for centuries. They improve your knowledge, but they won’t make you a great programmer. In this industry, unfortunately, books are not always the best way to learn. You can consult a book to see the syntax, but it will take a long time. On the other hand, you can easily learn Java on CodeGym, while you have the freedom to practice and test your code right away! The philosophy of this platform is for you to practice 80% of the time. Ideally, after consulting theory, you should put into practice what you have read. So the CodeGym platform is a perfect place to develop yourself.

Are you familiar with blank tests?

Errors, bugs and hangs are inevitable when you start coding. He who perseveres in spite of all the disappointments, will win. If you don’t understand why your code isn’t working, “dry-testing” is a traditional method of code. It is possible to execute instructions on paper and execute code line by line. It’s good to write down what you calculate for each row and see where the difference lies with the desired result. This will help you read other developers’ code and over time you will be able to spot the problem at a glance.

Have you already debugged your code?

Debugger tool is usually provided by all reputed IDEs to help developers. By running your program in debug mode, you will be able to see the output of each line in the IDE. This will help you troubleshoot any errors in your program. Getting used to debugging will train you to produce error-free code. So you can fix your mistakes before someone else catches them for you.

Are you developing large blocks of code?

Learning a programming language without developing anything useful will get you nowhere. If you really want to have fun, it’s best to practice your coding skills by creating small utilities like a program that sorts two numbers, a basic calculator, or a simple game. Developing such programs will help you understand how software works in real life. Once you master these skills, you can move on to the next level, such as taking care of a file and locating/sorting its contents, implementing a phone call directory using hash tables, etc.

Do you know the standard libraries and APIs?

Java comes with a diverse set of libraries and APIs. After learning programming basics and object-oriented programming approach, your goal should be to develop a good desktop application and a web application. This will allow you to continue developing your learning. It may take you weeks or even months to get there, but if you keep solving problems and solving challenges, you will eventually get there. When you have a desktop application, a mobile application or a web application in your portfolio, you will be taking a new step that will give you confidence. This will prepare you for the challenges you face as a professional. Continually fixing bugs helps a developer to improve and build optimized apps faster.

Are you part of online communities and forums for Java?

By joining online forums like CodeGym, Stackoverflow, Reddit, etc., you will be in touch with professionals with years of practice. You can benefit from their experience and advice. Here you can discover the problems you are facing and find customized solutions to solve them. You can choose to help even more novice developers yourself. You will always have the opportunity to learn, no matter what you choose. By reviewing beginner-level programs, you’ll be able to see what specific errors are and how to fix them. All this will allow you to diversify your code reading abilities and avoid the mistakes of others.


The best advice of all would be this old saying: ” Practice Makes Perfect “, Be consistent, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and don’t isolate yourself during your learning. You are the master of your destiny.

Happy coding! I

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