Ten Mistakes Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Make

Almost every day, we learn that new laws are coming, responsibilities are changing and leaders are spinning. Constantly afraid to take the time to adapt. The leader is above all exemplary and transparent. But above all it is the one who is informed and who is informed. Laws are constantly evolving, along with dematerialisation the practices. However, leaders or entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of time passing by too quickly. Thus an error pops up quickly. So to better avoid them, here is a compilation of common mistakes and don’ts. Dealing with the claims or legal obligations of staff representatives is not always easy.

Meet your banker without a business planstupid mistake

Business planning is 100% strategic. Showing this to your banker doesn’t mean you just have to put in whatever figures make him happy: it’s your long-term vision with short-term objectives. “It will integrate your marketing operations, business plans, team management and sound financial analysis”That’s the summary from Pierre, who is launching his second SME.

Forgetting to declare your DSN or Named Socialbig mistake

DSN has definitely replaced all social announcements for private companies. This transmission is simplified: single, monthly and dematerialized. ,, , dsn Is done Online on Net-entreprises.fr or by transmission via API. Business Manager Jean-Jacques Ann says.

gullibly duped by outward deceptionblunder

Strengthened processes, internal training and new software make it possible to limit traps coming from outside the company such as President fraud, false payment orders, modification of supplier contact details, cyber attacks or virus reception and ultimately SEPA test fraud. Do not hesitate to use CNIL which will allow you to avoid many pitfalls through its proper advice.

believe that social interaction is going calm and wellcare bear mistake

Not to forget the framework: formalization of moments of exchange between stakeholders of your company: managers, shareholders, employees, employee representatives, suppliers, customers, etc. “The idea is to build a consensus on the general rules of the organization to guarantee the optimum level of overall satisfaction”insists Gerard, who has set up a Works Council.

go to eleven employees without changing its managementThe mistake of those who do not see the world changing

Of the eleven employees, it is advisable to involve employee representatives in such decisions as organization of the production process, reorganization of the department, prevention of risks. Collective intelligence can provide many answers to the entrepreneur.

pretend not to see problemsThe blunder of those who believed in a brave new world

Imperfection is of this world, even in business. Relying on the staff to resolve problems is a good response. It does not mean handing over your authority. “Listen to claims and involve teams in problem resolution advises Jean-Christophe, the owner of a start-up.

want to do everythingblunder of someone who understands himself

It is not up to the entrepreneur to do everything. It should come as a support to solve the difficulties at each level. He sets priorities and delegates, taking care to define the role and mission of each. Building on the business project as a definition of company values ​​can be done with employees.

Provide the same services as your competitorsmistake to avoid at all costs

“Being a follower is the beginning of the end” says Patrick H., who just filed for bankruptcy. Every SME should be able to differentiate itself from its competitors by finding its own niche. Often, it is a good idea that becomes the talk of the town and makes you known.

Delivering the wrong product to your customernumb fault

Every customer is important. Every employee is useful for the proper functioning of the company. Employees need to feel it. In this way they will be more involved in serving the customers and will do the work in a real way: “To err is human, but it is better to avoid it” says Boss Patrick in Logistics.

Wait for an employee to default before restructuringmistake of a person who is not aware of time

The leader must always ensure negotiation and reduction of costs for his company. Head in the handlebars, all the time spent managing the emergency leaves no room for error. , Now I’m in agile mode. Along with our employees, we are always on the lookout for customization. In my old company, I was resting on my laurels just because we were making good margins.Corinne heads to a training box.

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