social network, an opportunity

Social networks have invaded our world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram… and the list goes on! Indeed, they occupy a prominent place in our daily lives and in companies today. Their daily use by the entire planet has accelerated this phenomenon. Companies are not wrong and they have started using these tools without any restraint. In the digital age where the professional side often encroaches on the personal life and vice versa, it is sometimes difficult to know how to separate the two.

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Three categories of accounts exist today. They “Personal”, they said “professional” and they“companies”, Personal accounts concern, a priori, only the individual and his private life (even that of his entourage, if he publishes material relating to them), not his professional activity. It is clear that, in practice, the individual’s business activities are often shared on these accounts.

The so-called professional social network on which a person presents his professional career. Their usage remains very different from personal accounts. They are usually more relaxed and their purpose is to increase the knowledge of the person, to share his professional activity. A mix of Pro/Personal accounts remains common. However, some social networks are better suited for one use than others. It is not necessary to differentiate between them. Keep in mind, however, that if you decide to mix the two, you’ll need to be mindful of your publications.

With respect to corporate accounts, brand image is directly involved. The nature of published content, text, images and videos, says a lot about the values ​​a company stands for. For the latter, it is imperative to maintain a certain consistency between its publications and its values. Imagine a company that sells “healthy” food (in which healthy eating leads to better consumption, editor’s note) and that posts a huge hamburger/fries dripping with sauce on its Facebook wall… do you see the inconsistency?

Business Social Network: LinkedIn as a Leader

The common point of professional networks lies in their functionalities, which are meant for professionals. Managing your image, building a network, gathering and communicating are all part of the services offered by any professional social media. LinkedIn, claims in France, in 2023 LinkedIn More than 26 million members and 13 million estimated monthly active members, making it the sixth largest social network. 500,000 companies have a LinkedIn page. Worldwide, LinkedIn’s total is even higher than 875 million Number of members in April 2023. It aims to connect professionals across the globe with each other to enhance their opportunities and boost their success by enriching their address book. Formed in 2002, the American site, currently managed by Jeff Weiner, would have achieved a turnover of no less than $3.6 billion for the year 2016.

Personal and professional Facebook and Twitter

Due to the difference in functionality, many consider both the social media to complement each other. The giant Facebook founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 is used by individuals as well as professionals. Facebook is the most used social network in the world with 2.989 billion monthly active users in 2023 and 2.037 billion daily active users in April 2023. in France, facebook total 40 million monthly active users. Facebook also has 48.012 million unique visitors per month, 26.6 million per day in 2023 in France, This site allows you to publish images, photos, videos, files and documents, but also to exchange instant messages, join and create groups or use different applications and this is one of the essential things.

To know ” What are you saying “The social network with the logo of the Little Blue Bird, created in 2006, is an ideal microblogging tool (the fact of publishing short messages to express an opinion or share information in real time, editor’s note). Its users average 5,716,000 unique visitors per day, 9.76% of web traffic from the social network comes from Twitter,

, thus sending short messages called “tweets” for free. Publishing Constraints Only: No more than 280 characters, excludes mentions, GIFs, photos, videos and quotes. (For more than ten years Twitter has required that each message be no more than 280 characters.

Pinterest and Instagram

Two image sharing networks. For those who don’t know them yet, Pinterest is simply defined as a list of ideas, The American website, launched in 2010 by Paul Sciara, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann, is in the midst of social networking and photo sharing.

  • During the first quarter of 2023, Pinterest experienced a 2.9% increase in its number of active users (+13 million).
  • About 5.8% of people worldwide use Pinterest, including 7.4% of people over the age of 13, the minimum age to register on the platform.

The concept remains simple by offering users the option to pin images that have caught their attention and then categorize them by theme. On the other hand, Instagram focuses its service on capturing, editing and sharing photos and videos.

in France, in 2022, with Over 22 million monthly usersIt is the third most used social media, ahead of Snapchat, but behind YouTube and Facebook. In May 2022, Instagram in France had a total of 34.7 million unique monthly visitors.

Worldwide, Instagram had 1.393 billion monthly active users in 2020. But in December 2021, we learned that Instagram will have Reaches 2 Billion Users Worldwide

More simply, it allows users to capture a moment in life. New features that creatives, individuals and professionals love.

Youtube for video!

The general public’s demand for instant information is driving more and more Internet users to use video. It often replaces written material. YouTube, a Google-owned video hosting site, is particularly committed to meeting this need.e “Everyone can make their voice heard and discover the world”, Founded in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, the platform generates 46 million unique visitors per month in France. YouTube is the second most used social platform in the world (2.5 billion monthly active users). But what about social networks?

create a tab ” community ” Allows users to post posts for a targeted audience, in addition to regular video content. The goal for the brand is to centralize everything on the platform to prevent users from having to switch to other social media to follow news from their favorite YouTubers. Of course, there are other social networks besides the ones mentioned above, but these remain the main networks used by companies. If you can’t find your happiness among existing people, it’s still possible to build your own social network. However, such a project would be very time consuming and would require certain skills in this area.

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