Real-time Accounting: A Perfect Solution for Freelancers

Are you self-employed and accounting management is a daily burden for you? You are not alone in this matter. In fact, accounting requires skills that are often far from the core activity of freelancers, it takes time, energy… and represents just as much time spent looking for new clients or your freelance work. Will not spend on completing missions.

Luckily, there are solutions to help you. Real-time accounting is one of them!

Discover how real-time accounting can boost your business and allow you to refocus on your core business in this article written in collaboration with Acasi.

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What is Real-time Accounting?

Real-time accounting is a concept closely linked to the digital transition. It is access and management of company’s accounting data in real time.

Thanks to smart devices, accounting processing is digitized and automated.

Benefits of real-time accounting

There are several advantages of real-time accounting:

time saving

Real-time accounting saves a lot of time. Some of the work previously done by humans is done through an algorithm.

This factor is understandable among freelancers and independents. Because bookkeeping tasks are time-consuming, they affect productivity and revenue.

Real-time accounting allows you to optimize your time and focus on your work.


Every traditional accounting firm has opening and closing hours and days.

However, some self-employed people devote themselves completely to their business during the day. Then take care of secondary tasks in the evening. This is why a real time accounting solution is a godsend. This type of platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


With real-time accounting, your accounting data goes with you everywhere. Whether you are on a business trip, vacation, full meeting, they are always there.

A simple connection through your smartphone or computer is enough to access it.


Accounting is a complex discipline. Real-time accounting simplifies accounting procedures. No need to be an expert in accounting, the tool makes your life easier. Especially when it offers a wide variety of features like Acasi. All-in-one to manage complex tasks in just a few clicks.

flow management

Every business owner should have real-time cash flow information. That is, know “cash in” (cash inflow) and “cash out” (cash outflow). This facilitates decision making.

With real-time accounting, zero surprises. You anticipate all possible cash flow problems.


A company’s accounting data is worth gold. Hacking, breakdown and fire can lead to their loss with traditional accounting firms.

With an online accounting solution, your data is hosted on highly secure and replicated servers (in case of failure).

economic benefits

Online accounting platforms usually offer lower rates than traditional firms. This allows small businesses to save money and preserve their budget for investments that are more relevant to their business.

Real-time accounting, how does it work?

Real-time accounting makes it possible to know the financial status of your business at any time.

Thanks to solutions like Acasi, your cash-flow (all flows) is automatically recovered, in particular:

bank balance

You have access to your bank balance and forecasts in real time. Your bank account is synchronized with your accounting area, reconciliation and bank classification is done automatically.


A powerful module manages sales related tasks. With this tool, edit your quotes, invoices and send them to your customers.

customer operations

View customer receipts and monitor late payments in real time, which is an important factor in taking control of your business with absolute calmness.

All flows are automatically sorted using matching algorithms, requiring no user intervention. You identify at a glance which customer transaction corresponds to which invoice.


Managing your purchases has never been easier! Send your dematerialized invoices to the application or scan your paper invoices so that they can be counted by your accounting software in real time. No more manual entry!

a complete dashboard

All your documents are synchronized and aggregated in one place on one intuitive dashboard.

It allows you to visualize at a glance:

  • your cash,
  • the level of turnover and expenses,
  • your provisional result,
  • the amount of VAT to be paid,
  • social contribution amount,
  • your corporation tax or income tax
Acasi Real-time Accounting Dashboard

Acasi, The Online Chartered Accountant That Makes Your Life Easier

Acasi is the only solution on the accounting market to provide accounting in real time which allows you to know the financial position of your company at any time.

Modern Solutions prioritizes efficiency and user experience through a modern and pleasant interface that makes you forget the difficulties associated with accounting tasks.

It gives you unparalleled visibility thanks to its ultra-comprehensive dashboard, which gives you an overview of your cash flow at a glance: Bank Balance, Forecast Balance, VAT, Taxes, Social Security Contributions, Turnover, Customer Receivables, Expenses, Results , Etcetera.

This dashboard allows you to intuitively estimate how much VAT or corporation tax you will have to pay, so that you can manage your cash flow accordingly.

With real-time accounting offered by Acasi, there are no more surprises at the end of the year. You have up-to-date accounts even on Sunday midnight!

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