Opening a Song: Things to Know Before You Begin

Creating a bed and breakfast is an entrepreneurial project that requires good preparation and compliance with certain administrative procedures. If you are looking to open your account, here is some important information you must know before embarking on this adventure.

Learn how to write a rental contract for your git

Drafting a seasonal rental contract is an essential step in opening a gate. This document sets out the conditions for the provision of furnished accommodation. It contains information related to the property, its owner and the lessee. If you plan to do this activity, find out about seasonal rental contracts. Manage your reservations better, The rental agreement is drawn up in duplicate and signed by the lessor and the tenant. The information it contains is divided into two sections: Special Conditions and General Conditions for Seasonal Rentals.

Opening a gate: special conditions for seasonal rental

In this section, you will find the following information:

  • identification of the owner (surname, first name, home address, trade mark name, SIRET, etc.),
  • tenant identification (surname, first name, home address),
  • the brand name and SIRET number, if the tenant is a works council or company,
  • Detailed information on the rental property (exact address, living area, maximum number of occupants, number of bedrooms),
  • Terms and deadlines for payment of the deposit,
  • Conditions for cancellation of reservation by the lessor or tenant.

The rental period, duration of stay and rental price are also important information that is mentioned in this section. If the rental company provides related services (cleaning at the end of the stay, rental of bed linen, bathroom linen, etc.), the price of these services should be specified in this part of the contract. Total cost of stay added to services Additional information should also be specified.

General conditions of the rental or sale contract

This section includes Possible restrictions related to the use of gîte, It is at this stage that, for example, you can clearly and precisely mention that the gate is intended only for holiday stay. The general terms of the contract also include reservation and cancellation conditions, insurance charges by the tenant, inventory of the premises and legal clauses relating to the management of rental disputes. Don’t forget to mention the RC insurance as well as the deposit amount that the tenant will have to pay in this case.

It is important to know the law to respect Goethe

According to Articles L.324-1-1 and D.324-1-1 of the Tourism Code, any person who rents furnished accommodation must first announcement to the mayor From the city where the gate is located via Cerfa N° 14004-02. This form includes the name and address of the operator, gate address, number of rooms in the accommodation, and available beds. The choice of legal status depends on the amount of income generated from the rental of your gate.

An owner whose activity brings in an annual income of less than 23,000 euros is not required to form a business. Conversely, if the annual income exceeds 23,000 Euros, the seasonal rental is considered a Business Activity, Therefore you will have the obligation to form a company and choose a legal status (Auto Entrepreneur, SAS, SASU or SARL).

Study the local market and make your mark

Market research is an important step in the gate making process. It allows you to measure, analyze and understand elements that will have a direct impact on your future activity in a business area. The data required to conduct the market study is available on the INSEE website. You can also search the internet Access your competitors’ business files,

To obtain qualitative information on the competitive environment, another solution is to call on a service provider specializing in market research. This professional has the necessary expertise to do the job. Once this step is done, it is important to establish effective marketing strategy To differentiate yourself from your competitors. To do this, for example, you can set up your gate near tourist sites and offer tenants guided tours of the area. Furthermore, the choice of an easily accessible location is an excellent business asset.

To differentiate yourself from other seasonal rental agencies, it is essential to offer services that provide the best value for money. Equip your gite with devices that make everyday life easier for tenants. There building a professional website Being well referenced is a great way to gain visibility and credibility on the internet and tourist booking platforms. Some companies provide tools to ensure better management of seasonal rental activity. You can use these tools to optimize your visibility on the Internet and manage your gîte properly.

Gate Opening: What About Invoicing?

The rental invoice for the gîte includes justification information amount paid by the tenant, It usually contains the following information:

  • the words “seasonal rent invoice”,
  • billing number,
  • Identity and contact details of the seller and the buyer,
  • Address and date of rental of the furnished property,
  • Related services and price cut granted,
  • the date of payment of the invoice and the cost payable in case of delay,
  • Net amount excluding taxes including taxes and applicable VAT rate.

today there are many Software that facilitates efficient management of lodging billing, These tools make it possible to automate the entire invoicing process and avoid errors (error in VAT rate, calculation, etc.) and other omissions on invoicing. Depending on the software chosen, you can edit one or more invoices for the same reservation or issue a credit note in the event of an invoice error. It is also possible to change the information written on the invoice as long as it has not yet been signed. Most of these software are equipped with a very efficient data recording system. Hence all the information related to the various challans issued are kept well in the system for a very long time.

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