How to quickly erase image background online

Hobby designers and content creators often manipulate the background of their images. The basic view when creating collages, greeting cards, banners, covers and social media business posts can eventually leave the overall composition incomplete. Professional photographers typically shoot photos with white backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of featured products.

A few years ago, editing backgrounds was a complicated operation as you had to manually process images in graphic editing software. Luckily, you can now detach the foreground of any image with just a few clicks. Read on to learn more about popular tools that allow you to remove backgrounds from photos and process images online automatically.

best way to remove background from photo

Currently, various tools can help you erase photo background and edit it quickly. Most of these tools work online, so you don’t even need to download special software to your device.

online working automated tools

To remove background from an image, you can use a tool like DepositPhotos’ Background Remover available at to quickly and efficiently remove background without manual processing. DepositPhoto Background Eraser is a fully automated tool powered by artificial intelligence techniques. It allows you to remove background from a photo even without much experience in graphic work. The eraser correctly identifies the foreground elements and separates them from the background. You can get a precise and processed result for highly detailed images.

DepositPhoto’s tool can handle JPG, JPEG and PNG files up to 15 MB. You just drop your picture on the page and wait for the system to erase the background from your image. If necessary, you can also use a brush to process the details manually.

Online removal tools are one of the most convenient ways to erase the background of an image these days. They are fully automated, allowing amateur content creators to manipulate images without any experience in this area. In fact, most background erasers work with artificial intelligence. They use neural networks to separate the foreground from the background. So you get good results by processing images with lots of detail. Note that some background removers require purchasing credits to save the high definition results.

online graphic editor

Some online graphic editors, such as Pixlr, have a built-in option to remove the background from photos. This is a handy feature for users who want to create professional designs on a single workspace without being distracted by the editing process.

Pixlr is an easy-to-use online graphics editor that provides advanced features for creating greeting and business cards, social media posts, banner ads and infographics. For example, you can adjust opacity or move layers just like in editing software. Pixlr also offers ready-to-use templates that allow you to create attractive projects. In addition, you can browse a huge built-in gallery of content with high quality images. Start by erasing unnecessary backgrounds and creating an eye-catching design using templates.

Online graphic editors are handy tools, as they provide a seamless editing process. Within a single workspace, you can perform the necessary manipulations to create professional, broadcast-ready visuals. Plus, online graphics editors offer a number of advanced tools. They can be a great alternative to specialized software for amateur content creators.

professional graphics editing software

Adobe’s Photoshop has long been the most well-known program for removing photo backgrounds. Its users often use the Magic Wand and Magnetic Lasso Tool for manual object selection. These manipulations require deep skill in the subject matter for precise processing. Recently, Photoshop released a new feature to quickly and automatically remove backgrounds from photos. The Select Subject feature uses an AI-powered algorithm to separate the foreground from the background. The new option is easy to use, even beginners can master it.

Adobe Photoshop is a professional software with many features. Most of its options are necessary for working with complex manipulations. It is a suitable solution for professional designers working on business projects. Photoshop, on the other hand, is paid software, entirely available only on desktop, which is not always ideal for users who process images only occasionally.

Best mobile app to remove background from photos

If you often process your photos on the go, having a mobile tool at your fingertips will be useful. You can download special applications to cut backgrounds and manipulate photos on your phone. See some of these solutions below. Background Eraser & Editor’s Background Eraser & Editor is a user-friendly mobile app that helps you automatically remove backgrounds from images and add new ones instantly. In the app you will find a vast array of ready-to-use presets on various topics. After processing an image, you can try additional options such as cropping, applying filters, or layering. The free version only delivers results in standard quality. To get a high definition file, subscribe to a Pro account. You can also share your processed images to social media directly from the app.

Photoroom Studio Photo Editor

Photoroom Studio Photo Editor is a graphic editing mobile application. It allows you to perform various image manipulations, such as blurring, cropping or resizing. Also, the app provides an inbuilt option to remove the background. PhotoRoom’s rich features also help hobbyists create professional designs for social media, greeting cards and banners. The app also has advanced business functions. Businesses can quickly create product maps and place them on popular markets.

You can use the batch processing option to remove the background from up to 10 images at once. However, you will need to purchase the Pro version to save the results in high quality.

PicWish: Background Eraser

The PicWish app can help you quickly remove background from a photo with just a few clicks, and provides additional image editing options. In the free version, you can change the background of your image to a solid color. This feature is useful for e-commerce businesses that want to save time in preparing product sheets and putting them online at business locations. In the paid version, you can also process up to 30 images at a time. Plus, PicWish offers ready-to-use templates for the most popular marketplaces. But downloading high definition files is only available in PRO version.


There are many automated online and mobile tools that can help you remove the background from an image quickly and for free. You don’t need to spend hours manipulating images. With a wide range of solutions for removing background from images, you can choose one that suits your preferences and goals. Designers, content creators and general Internet users can manipulate the background of photographs using online background removal tools, online graphic editors, professional editing software, and specialized mobile applications. Check out the solutions presented and start creating professional collages and designs with ease.

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