How to become an Uber Eats delivery person in 2022?

Home delivery of ready meals is witnessing a phenomenal growth. Among the major players in this segment, Uber Eats captures the market with a geographical coverage that extends to all the cities in France. Delivery platforms are known for their independent delivery people. Do you want to make this job your main or additional source of income? We walk you through all the steps to become an Uber Eats delivery person.

What is a Self Employed Uber Eats Delivery Person?

Uber Eats The mission of the delivery person is to deliver food orders as quickly as possible. So when customers order on the app at an Uber Eats partner restaurant, ride suggestions for the order are sent to you through the Uber Driver app based on your location. Actually, the system sends the order to the nearest courier of the restaurant. You then have the option to accept or decline the race on the application. If you accept rides, you should take the order and deliver it to the customer’s home as efficiently as possible. In general, in major cities, Uber Eats requires less than 10 minutes for delivery.

What are the benefits of being an Uber Eats delivery person?

If you work as a freelance delivery person for Uber Eats, then the company will give you many benefits. Among these, you can count the flexibility of the schedule and your choice of mode of transportation.

Unlike its competitors, Uber Eats offers a very flexible schedule. You can freely choose your working hours without shift obligations (defined working time slots). When you want to get to work, all you need to do is log into the Uber Drive app. However, your salary will vary depending on the hours you work and your working conditions. For example, if you work hard hours on a bad day, your remuneration will increase.

For your means of transport, you can choose between a bicycle, a two wheeler such as a scooter or a car. In addition, the company provides you with compulsory insurance, civil liability insurance, as well as supplemental social security cover with AXA.

Lastly, you’ll also get discounts on Uber Eats’ brands, insurance and various service partners. For example, you can take advantage of discounts on certain models of bicycles on GoSport.

What qualifications do you need to become an Uber Eats delivery person?

If you want to be an Uber Eats delivery person, the first thing you need to do is have safe driving. In fact, you should know how to drive safely with a vehicle that meets standards and is on time while respecting the Highway Code. In addition, you should also be in excellent physical condition and enjoy working outdoors so that you can perform your service optimally in any weather. Lastly, it is essential that you adopt a professional attitude with your interlocutors. All these qualities will best help you to achieve your mission.

In terms of ethical qualities, you have to show autonomy, rigor, punctuality and accountability to be able to make your purchases under the best conditions.

In short, the job of an Uber Eats delivery driver will require restraint, rigor, stamina and precision.

Become an Uber Eats delivery worker in four steps

1 – Create an account on the Uber platform

To create an account on the Uber Platform, you will need to fill out the registration form available on the Uber Platform page. You will be asked for your personal information, a Kbis extract to prove the existence of your company as well as a photo and identity document. All you have to do is activate your account. Keep in mind that it may take some time for your request to be validated, depending on the city you are requesting and the registration request for it.

In addition, be aware that to be eligible for registration, you must be of legal age, a clean criminal record, and an identity card valid in the European Union.

When your registration request is validated, you will be invited to visit the city premises of your residence. You’ll find a short training there that will remind you of the essential rules of Uber Eats as well as your work equipment (cooler bag, outfit, etc.). We recommend you if you haven’t invested in a smartphone with geolocation, a lock, a luggage rack in a scooter or bicycle smartphone, and a smartphone with support to fix your smartphone. If you choose to use a scooter, you will need to register with the National Registry of Transporters. To obtain a transport license. You can achieve this by following 10 days training. Additionally, you must have a minimum of €900 in capital to qualify for the license.

2 – Register in the Trade and Company Register

As an Uber Eats delivery person, you perform a business activity, so you must register with the Business and Company Register. This registration will allow you to get your Kbis number which is required for your registration on the delivery platform. This registration is done automatically when you create your micro-enterprise. the steps are very easy

If you want to get the updated version of your Kbis, you can get it on the InfoGreffe site for an amount of €3.50.

3 – Create a Micro Enterprise

To be able to work with Uber Eats, you must have self-employed status. For this you have to start your own business. The steps are very simple. You can do them online at the official Uber website. All you have to do after creating an account is to declare yourself on the site and complete the P0 Auto-Entrepreneur form. You will also be asked to provide an identity document as well as an affidavit of compliance.

If ever the administrative formalities are a real burden for you, know that you can delegate them to a specialized site which will then take care of the construction formalities for you and it will take care of the construction formalities in a very short time.

Lastly, you can directly go to the Business Formalities Center in your department. An advisor will guide you through the steps to follow. Whichever option you choose, know that the formalities are swift.

good to know

The good news, thanks to the ACRE system (Help for Business Creation or Takeover), know that you can receive a partial or total exemption from Social Security contributions for 1 year. For this, your turnover during your first year of activity should not exceed €40,000.

Besides, you may have never benefited from the device before. You can apply for it within 45 days of setting up your business. This help can be invaluable to you, especially during your first year. This will allow you to make better profits.

4 – Take professional insurance

We strongly recommend you to take professional insurance for protection in the event of an accident during the exercise of your activity. Keep in mind that some companies offer insurance specifically dedicated to couriers. We recommend you to inquire about traditional insurance as well as online insurance which provides interesting formulas. Apart from covering you in case of an incident, they will also protect you against theft of your bike or vehicle. As mentioned earlier, Uber Eats only covers you in case of damages caused to third parties as well as in the event of an accident that is caused by professional liability insurance for self-employment and supplemental social coverage.

How much does a self-employed Uber Eats delivery person get paid?

How much you will earn from your ride will depend on several factors such as the city, time, weather, distance of your trip, supply of delivery people, bonuses, tips and the number of hours you work. In fact, remuneration is very variable.

On average you will earn between 4 and 9€ per race. In general, a delivery person makes 2 to 3 trips per hour, thus reaching around €15 per hour. If you ever work in more difficult conditions (weather, special hours), you will receive a bonus of €15 net per 3 hour slot for at least 3 deliveries. Lastly, you can get suggestions from customers. Per month, if you work 35 hours per week, you can earn an average of €1,700 by deducting your contribution. Please note, this is an estimate. As mentioned earlier, it will all depend on your working hours and circumstances.

questions to ask

Do you have to be an adult to be an uber Eats delivery person?

To be able to become an Uber Eats delivery person, you must be of legal age, a clean criminal record and an identity card valid in the European Union. So it is not possible to become an Uber Eats delivery person if you are under 18.

What training to become an Uber Eats delivery person?

No degree is required to become an Uber Eats delivery person. However, when you register, you will be required to undergo training at the Uber Eats campus in your city.

How to become a parcel deliverer?

To become a parcel deliverer, you must first declare yourself at your department’s business formalities center, then register on the delivery platform.

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