3 (Technical) Definitions for Your Management to Know

A new language has realized itself without experts. For business leaders with many skills in other areas, this new terminology is very difficult to decode and therefore make decisions to better manage their business .

Managing Your Business in the Clouds? Advantages of SaaS Invoicing? Rather free trial or freemium… Many terms to know to facilitate the management of your business. We decode 3 definitions related to the IT universe for you today. – testing

Computing develops very quickly and many words or acronyms are appearing. As a business owner you will be familiar with these terminologies when choosing your online management software. Computer jargon that is not easy to understand. Let’s switch to decoder mode!

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS is an abbreviation for the English word “Software as a Service” and translates as “Software as a Service” in French. This use of SaaS is a new way of online consumption of business management software, as opposed to licensed software (programs to download and install on your computer).

In SaaS mode the software is accessed directly over the Internet by accessing a remote server from a simple web browser. It provides the company with several benefits such as increased productivity and efficiency, collaborative and real-time work as well as controlled and on-demand investments.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also an English word and it is translated in French as “cloud computing”. Other terms such as “cloud computing”, “cloud computing” or more commonly “cloud computing” are also used.

This new form of IT management involves using configurable IT resources (virtual servers, software, etc.) to obtain additional computing power and/or storage.

Cloud computing includes 3 main categories of services: IaaS (infrastructure as a service) for use with virtual servers, networks and storage billed for use, PaaS (PaaS) for building and deploying your own cloud tools. Platform as a Service), and SaaS, have already been introduced.

Freemium / Free Trial

Continuing the momentum of English terms associated with the world of IT and business management software, there are two broad marketing methods among SaaS application publishers: freemium and free trial.

The first is a merger of the term free and premium. A freemium offer includes the first level of free service, with free access, and a premium service, with paid access. The free offer often provides limited options while the premium offer unlocks additional features of the management software.

Another way to market SaaS tools is through free trials. Use of the software is then offered for a free trial period (free trial in English), often for a period of 30 days, then the user subscribes to a subscription to benefit from the service.

Hope this file has given you an idea about the Englishism of the online software market!

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